Quincy with The Breakfast Club

Quincy dropped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his acting, music career and the following topics:

- Describes why he chose to do FOX's 'Star'

- Remaking his biological father Al B. Sure's classic 'Nite and Day' record

- Being passionate about his music as well as his acting

- His relationship with his adoptive father Diddy and signing to Bad Boy Records

- Hanging out with Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose and other sex symbols

- Being raised by Diddy and growing up regular, staying grounded and family oriented

- Playing the role as an activist in the show, researching the role

- Remembering Biggie, being in the studio at times when he was recording

- Having a rocky relationship with his father early on, but growing up and looking up to him as a friend

Watch the season finale of 'Star' on FOX Wednesday March 15, and check out the full interview below: