DJ Premier with The Breakfast Club

DJ Premier dropped by to talk hip hop history and the following topics:

- The start of his career, how he became a DJ

- Where the name Gang Starr originated

- Where he made his first beat with the SB 12

- How he crafted his style as a producer and a scratch DJ

- Meeting Ralph McDaniels, getting his first taste of success on Yo! MTV Raps and Video Music Box 

- Touring with EPMD and Gang Starr in 1991

- Meeting Biggie for the first time by the corner store in Brooklyn before Diddy signed him

- Hanging with hip hop legends like RZA, Cypress Hill before they got popular

- Looking up to Diddy and his business success early on

- His brotherly friendship with Guru, fighting in the studio

- Biggie's beef with Jeru the Damaja

- The story of producing the Ten Crack Commandments beat originally for Angie Martinez's show

- Working with Nas, hookinh up with Jay-Z, and more