Angela Rye

Angela Rye, our favorite political correspondent stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to update us on the latest news. She spoke about the following topics. 

- Jeff Sessions recently rescinded an order to scale back the use of private prisons.

- He wants to prosecute people to the fullest extent of the law.

- Looking to prosecute people for using recreational marijuana, this is War on Drugs 2.0

- You would be prosecuted in all of the states where they passed a law to pass the use of recreational marijuana. There is a conflict of law from state to federal.

- Donald Trump accusing President Obama of tapping Trump Tower to spy on him.

- What did she think of KellyAnne Conway sitting on the couch during the HBCU's meeting in the Oval Office?

- Ben Carson stating that slaves came to the Unites States for a better life and they are immigrants.

- What did she do during A Day Without A Woman this past Wednesday?

- Does the Trump organization ever try to block her?

-What is happening with Plan Parenthood?

- The Trump administration trying to get rid of Obamacare and replacing it with something more expensive.

-Republicans will benefit from removing Obamacare, they want to claim that they removed one of Obama's major accomplishments regardless of cost. 

- Plus much more.